by Jason Dopaco

The Langton Royals Jr Hockey Club is pleased to announce the signing of 6'2 195 pound Drayden Sylvester from Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan. 

"More size. We like size and speed what can we say? I am enjoying this year’s recruiting process as our first year in the CPJHL. It has been fun, less stressful then other places and the players are eager to come here." Said Head Coach/ GM Jason Do Paco. "Drayden is a big 15 year old with the right mentality. He wants to do as well in the classroom as he does on the ice to further his hockey career. He should be here in about a week or so, hopefully sooner! We can’t wait to get him here. He'll add to our offense and our physicality."

This is what Drayden had to say about becoming a Royal. "I wanted to become a Royal to further my hockey career and to start a new chapter in my life. I think becoming a Royal is the best choice knowing the training program, the hard work and the dedication the guys have put in so far this year. I'm excited to meet everyone, work with them and bring to the table what is needed to win every night."